Thursday, 2 February 2017


Click here for more. Click here for more. So you had a girlfriend who was as sweet as apple pie. You went to sleep and when you woke up and she suddenly became a cloven-hooved venom spewing, she-devil trouble.

Well fantasies are nice. You may not have noticed them but warning signs for your girlfriend being a “real” trouble are almost always there.

A woman does not go to sleep a kind sweet librarian and wake-up a man killing demon. She has always been a man-killing demon, you just do not notice it until it is sometimes too late. After all, “Satan’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

First of all let’s get a concrete definition of the word, “trouble”What is a Bat-Shit Crazy trouble

Excessive whining
Riding in center car seat (riding trouble)
A dog in heat
An awful occurrence (“ain’t that a trouble”)
A derisive use to show superiority, (“get me my drink, trouble”)
A p-whipped guy
A woman with a bad attitude
A back-handed compliment for a strong woman
A woman who is excessively cruel to men
As you can see only three of these would likely be a part of your.  A woman with a bad attitude who is cruel and nasty to men in general is something to be avoided, where a woman who is simply “strong” could be called a “trouble” but really have nothing wrong with her.

So how can you make the differentiation between “strong” and “trouble”.

Well for me the latter also goes hand-in-glove with bat-shit crazy.

Yes, most of the girls that are complete troublees are also utterly fucking nuts.  Maybe guys realize it.  Maybe they don’t.

Maybe we think we can ride out the thermonuclear blast by sitting it out at ground zero.

Who knows?

It just goes to show you there is a certain amount of crazy on the “guys” side of things here too.

So, what can you do when you realize your girlfriend is a raging trouble and bat-shit crazy?

Nothing much:  Get out.  Run away.  Flee the country.  Do not pass go, do not collect 200$.

This is not something you are going to fix.  You have have invested 6 months, 1 year or 3 years in the relationship.  If she really is a trouble you cannot think of what you have “spent” in the relationship, you have to think about what staying in the relationship will cost you.

Now, lets pull back a second.

Let’s be completely clear here.  Getting out  is only a certain answer if your girl is a raging trouble.  Just because you fight, argue and disagree doesn’t mean she really is a raging trouble.  Those things are part of a relationship.

If YOU did something wrong it can certainly make a girl pissed and ‘seem’ troubley.  That doesn’t make her a trouble.

Are there ways to tell the girl you are dating is a bat-shit, crazy trouble before you get too deeply involved?Is  Adultfriendrfiner Girlfriend Crazy trouble

The short answer is that at least on some level most guys know.  They figure they can handle it.  She is hot or attractive in some other way so why not “deal” with a little crazy side effects,

Let’s face it guys.  We are not always so sharp!

The best way to judge someone is by there own actions.  Now she may try to throw some smokescreen onto her relationships.  So the best way to figure it out is to carefully watch her interactions with others.  When out at dinner for instance, it is one thing to be a little bit demanding about how you want your meal cooked.  That is understandable.  But does she go off the deep end with it.  Does she treat waitstaff like they are riff-raff or like real Adultfriendrfinder people.

I bet the waiter or waitress at any restaurant you eat at could give you an idea of whether your girl is a trouble or not with startling accuracy.

Next listen to your friends/family comments.  They may not be strait-forward in this but read between the lines and ask questions.  If your friends and family universally think she is a trouble, where there is smoke, there is fire and chances are she is waiting to burn your ass.

Next I recommend you check out my trouble Be Crazy Checklist.  If the trouble Really Be Crazy… the checklist knows.

Finally, really listen to her.  Now this is not JUST about the active listening I sometimes preach about.

This is a listen for the insanity check.

Now some women have been wronged by guys.  But when every single guy was 100% wrong and a complete asshole in her opinion.  try to dig a little deeper.  try to find the substance behind the rhetoric.  If the last guy she dated physically abused her, then trouble don’t be crazy for hating him with a passion.  But if the crux of her hatred seems to revolve around him not “treating her right” with a Valentines day present, you can equate that to a klaxon screaming out a warning.

So, she is a Raging trouble.  What now?

You choice is and should be very personal.  If you have really strong feeling you -can- try to stay and reap the whirlwind.  Not my personal choice.  But understandable.  Best bet is to cut those loses and git’ while the getting is good.

There are a ton of women out there.  You can find some neat, fun and  Adultfriendrfinder groovy chicks.  There are obvious advantages to a steady relationship.

I get it.

But when that relationship means being tied hand-and-claw to a harpy, it can certainly be better to move on.

It could be time to break out that fishing pole, and try for some other of those “fish-in-the-sea”.

Remember the best places to meet women and once you do meet them follow some simple rules of attraction.

That is after all where it all begins and ends.  (And it is a little important in the middle too!